Plugin Tweaks

The true strength with WordPress comes in the small package called plugins. There are thousands of plugins that will do anything for you from creating an XML sitemap to outputting the words of Hello Dolly on your screen. However, many plugins out there are incomplete, no longer being updated or have very little documentation. They were built with one purpose in mind, and it may differ from what you need accomplished.

The great thing about WordPress and their plugins is that they are open-source, meaning you are allowed to “tweak” them, or change the code so it will do what you want it to.

Everything about WordPress is written in PHP, and that is where my experience lies. I can take almost any plugin and “tweak” it so it works better. I’ve always believed that websites should make our lives easier and not harder. If you’ve ever been working on your website and thought, “Man, if only there was a way to …” then please contact me because I’d love to help.