WordPress – Theme Testing 101

by Chris Klongpayabal

When creating themes, it may become necessary to setup a site so that users see one theme while the logged in users see a different one. This may be because you are updating your theme, or changing content. Either way, you need an easy way to show different themes to different users. Keep reading to find out how I did it.

Designing a Better Blog

by Chris Klongpayabal

I’ve had several people ask me about my process for designing a new theme for a client (either for WordPress or just a static HTML page). Since all of my themes are custom made, I don’t use templates. However, I do use other sites for inspiration.

Classes and IDs

by Chris Klongpayabal

You may have heard about these things on the web. You have probably seen them in your code. It looks very familiar: <div id=”container”> It doesn’t need to be confusing. Classes and IDs are simply a way to organize your code and add styles to certain elements in your design. To make it easier to […]