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We Build, Fix, Tweak, Migrate, Backup, Maintain,
Optimize, Code and Design Websites.

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serafino says

Serafino Says

Wordpress Genesis custom child theme, Pinterest style layout, jQuery masonry icons, responsive design


Landing Page, Email Capture Page, Custom WordPress Theme, Responsive Design

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Multiple Categories: Does it Hurt Your SEO?

Using multiple categories on a post can be beneficial because it allows you to divide up your content into a variety of general sections or think of it as a table of contents for your site.

WordPress – bloginfo vs get_xxx_directory_uri

What’s up with bloginfo() and get_template_directory_uri()? Don’t they do the same thing? On the surface it looks that way, but come with me on to see what the real difference between these two functions are.

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What I Offer

I can do anything related to your website, from graphic design to programming to ecommerce to SEO. If you are having issues with your site loading too slow, or placing your ads only on certain pages, or just want to speak to someone who knows websites and WordPress, please contact me!

The Difference

What makes me different from all the other web design companies? For one thing, I am a one-stop shop, for I can design and code as well as perform SEO work and maintenance on your site. This means you have access to someone who can take care of your site from start to finish. I've worked with a variety of bloggers and corporate entities so I know what it takes to have a web presence. Feel free to review my portfolio for work I've done and then let me know how I can help you.