meMy name is Chris Klongpayabal. I am a graphic artist, web developer and technical “geek”. I know what I’m doing. There are many designers out there who claim to be good at what they do, but they don’t have the experience to back up their statements. They do cheap web designs with very little customer service. I, on the other hand, believe 100% in customer service. I believe that if you have a good product and are honest about what you can and cannot do, you will be successful.

I love to design. Whether it’s a full-scale website, or a blogging theme, or even just a couple of minor tweaks to a plugin or file, my joy comes from making sure my clients are satisfied. Your website and marketing materials should HELP your business, not hinder it. It should save you TIME, and not cause you problems.

If you are having issues with your website, or need some help with an existing website, contact me to see what I can do to help.